Explore the Jennifer House

Helping women get back on their feet and live healthier lifestyles.

100% of the profits from Wanderlust Kaffee go to support the Jennifer House.

Support the Jennifer House

Supporting women recovering from drug & alcohol addictions and
recently released from incarceration.

Giving women a place to stay
while they work,
find a permanent place to live, and
re-establish themselves in the community.

Tax deductible Donations

Federal: 47-3968436

Arizona: Qualifying Charitable Organization 22136

Gifts for Specific Purposes

If you would like your gift to support a specific area of our work, you may make a restricted gift to that area for this purpose.

If at all possible, we encourage you to discuss a restricted gift with the Organization before establishing it. It is better for the restrictions on such gifts to be flexible enough to allow us to use the gift wisely long into the future. We reserve the right to refuse gifts that are overly restricted, or restricted to the support of activities that fall outside our mission, priorities, or best interests.

To create wording for restricted gifts, replace the words “…used for the sole benefit” in any of the suggested language for unrestricted gifts with:

…to be used for the following purpose(s): __________________ [describe].

Letter of Gift

We would also appreciate for our records a letter of gift from you at the time of your present donation or your pledge of a future donation.

If your letter accompanies a present gift, it can simply state the name(s) of those making the gift, the specific purposes (if any) for which the gift is intended, and, if the gift is for $20,000 or more, the named fund (if any) you want to create.

If your letter makes a pledge for a future gift, then your letter should also include a description of the future gift (e.g., 250 shares of ABC common stock; 5% of the remainder of my estate after other obligations are met and bequests are made) and an estimate of the present value of the gift (i.e., what the value of the gift would likely be if it were to be made today).

Gifts for Specific Purposes

I give and bequeath to Break The Cycle-jam3s Inc (Ein 47-3968436) all my right, title, and interest into the following described property ______________ [describe] to be held as a component part of the Organization and used for the sole benefit of the Organization.
If the gift is to be used to establish a named fund within the Endowment (named funds require gifts valued at $20,000 or more), add the following:
The gift shall be known as The [Name] Fund.


If you have any questions about the contributions process, please contact us.